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Cherry Pick Vintage is a Physical store established in 2009 in East Hollywood, California.

This store is not affiliated with any other store in the US or worldwide.

Inspired by 60s & 70s new wave cinema and specifically Antonioni’s film “Blow Up”, it caters to vibrant colors & iconic characters and films from that era. A spin on Andy Warhol’s Factory fashion scene.



The store offers unique and quality gently worn and select vintage wearables and accessories for men and women.

The collection & sensibility is exactly in it’s name in that each item is hand picked and found for its rarity and uniqueness. 


Owned and operated in Los Angeles by Nina Kazé this store is a labour of love and a refuge for artists and local residents that need a pick me up or a fun unique shopping experience in the heart of Los Feliz.

Nina is an avid shopper that has mastered the art of finding the best and most used pieces in any closet.

"I’d like to think of myself as an agent for under represented clothing and accessories that have quality and rarity in a mass of over produced clothing floating around"


"I don't care who made it or even how old it is...  Whether it is a used forever 21 silk dress made 8 years ago or an Armani that everyone wants.  What is made impeccably will find its way here and be sold at a fair price"

Among our collection are reworked & revived        rare pieces and one of a kind wardrobe staples.

We are currently open:

Mon - Sat




or by appointment.

please call the number listed to ensure that  we are available & open! 

We offer by appointment for those who wish to shop solo.

4710 Franklin Ave
LA, CA 90027
tel 323 663 1863

Looking forward to serving you! 🍒